Columbia Mercantile 1855

FEATURING. Full service groceries Produce Fresh meat Bakery Pasta Condiments Staples Spices Frozen foods Dairy Straus milk Gluten-free Vegan Non-Dairy options

Beverages - Bottled water Local Wines Beer Hard Cider Sarsparilla Sodas

ice Cream Old Fashioned Cookies and Sweets

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What's for dinner... and dessert...?

If you didn't know better, you might not know we are also a pretty awesome grocery store serving up delicious and quality foods, too! Genova Delicatessen Raviolis and Lasagnas, Kasia's Pierogies, Del Real Tamales, Antiqua Pasteria Linguine, Amy's Pasta Bakes... Straus Family Organic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Alvarado Street, Dave's Killer breads, Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free bread... and that's just in our freezer section.

Our history

Teresa Rudolph Torbett

store owner

"How to Bring an Iconic Gold Rush Mercantile Back to Life":

Start with the most interesting building in Columbia State Historic Park. Find space in your garage for commercial refrigerators and store fixtures. Put everything in their proper places to show off the architectural details. Find and restore 1880 double doors for your period correct office. Have great food delivered, and add all the wonderful people.


Located in the north end of the historic Columbia State Park


11245 Jackson Street, CA 95310 USA

Business hours

9 am - 6 pm